Yorkshire North and East Ridings
Provincial Festival 2029



Get the Festival Steward's Jewel for a commitment of only £10 a month over 60 months, a one off donation of £600 or if you raise the amount of £600 via a sponsored event. These amounts all exclude Gift Aid.

The Province wishes to acknowledge the generosity of its Brethren by issuing a free Festival Steward's Jewel to all qualifying Brethren and fully understands that it may not be within every Brother's means to qualify for a Jewel but does appreciate all donations made.

All Brethren are encouraged to become a Festival Steward by donating a minimum of £600 (Excluding Gift Aid) towards the Festival.

Once donating or promising to donate by regular direct debit the sum of £600 those qualifying will receive a Festival Steward's Jewel free of charge.


tie jewel


What is a Festival?

What is the target?

It is hoped that every member will give what they can toward this excellent cause.

As well as individuals Lodges and Chapters are encouraged to attain a level of achievement based on their membership.

It is hoped that most Lodges and Chapters will reach one of the achievements and that at the very least all will have given something.

How do I support The Festival?

Donations can be made in a number of ways, but it is hoped that most members will sign up for a regular promise by direct debit.

You can also donate online here.

Your Charity Steward will have the forms and details of the other methods.